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Hostel Advantage
Sokolská 11
120 00 Praha 2


Tel: (+420) 224 914 062

Fax: (+420) 220 806 912

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How to get to the hostel

ATTENTION: Disruption of service on metro C line between 1st July and 9th July 2017!

During this disruption, you will have to use the XC bus instead that is following the metro line and stopping near the metro stations. Detailed instructions with a map can be found here.

From the airport:

Take bus #119 to the final bus stop 'Nádraží Veleslavín'. From there take the green Metro A line and go to 'Muzeum' station and there change for the red line C and go to 'I.P. Pavlova' station.

From 'Hlavni Nadrazi' train station, or 'Holesovice' train station, or 'Florenc' bus station:

Take underground line C to station 'I.P. Pavlova'. At 'I.P. Pavlova' go up the escalator and take the first stairs on your left. Once on street level, go straight on, cross the road and go left. Go straight for about 100m and you will find the hostel.

Tickets for public transport (bus, tram, metro, train)

A basic adult ticket costs CZK 32, is valid for 90 minutes, is transferable (i.e. you can change trams, buses or metro within 90 mins as many times you want to), and can be purchased from a kiosk at the airport or from automatic machines at the bus/tram stops or news agents. Current and detailed prices of public transportation in Prague can be found here.

Parking your car near the hostel

Street parking around hostel

You can park on the street with green lines (max 6 hours, price 30 CZK/hour) or orange lines (max 2 hours, price 40 CZK/hour) after paying in the parking machines. You have to pay only on Mon-Fri between 8:00-18:00, otherwise it's free. You cannot park on the blue residential lines, you can be towed away or fined! Use this map to find streets with green and orange parking lines. The nearest streets are: Wenzigova, Ke Karlovu, Apolinářská, Viničná (click on the green line in the map for price info). Do not leave anything in the car if you do not want it to be burgled!

Nearby secured indoor car park in the Prague Congress Centre

50 CZK per hour, 500 CZK per day, more price info here. Detailed directions how to get there by car here. You will get back by metro C line from 'Vyšehrad' to 'I.P.Pavlova', only one stop.

Secured car park in Nákladové Nádraží Žižkov

40 CZK per hour, 160 CZK per day. Directions how to get there by car here. Back to the hostel by tram in 20 mins from 'Nákladové Nádraží Žižkov' to 'I.P.Pavlova', click here for the current tram timetable.

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23/2/2018 20:00

Hot Drink with Denisa - FREE

Drinking some delicious HOT drinks!

24/2/2018 20:00

Beertasting with Denisa - Free

Taste some of the great Czech beers!

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